TODAY   |  November 18, 2013

Have a sweet Turkey day with sweet potato rolls

Thanksgiving side dishes are as important as the turkey itself. Chef Tanya Holland has a few suggestions, including savory bread pudding and sweet-potato rolls, to make your holiday dinner perfect.

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>>> for folks turkey is the main attraction. for a lot of us, the sides are what we're looking for.

>> found 84% of men are involved in preparing the thanksgiving meal. al and i count ourselves in that number. we have help this morning. she is the executive chef and owner of brown sugar kitchen in oakland california . great to see you.

>> yeah, you too.

>> welcome.

>> you want us to start off talking about wine.

>> a lot of people are wondering what to eat with thanksgiving. got white meet aat and dark meat. this is what i really enjoy.

>> yeah.

>> it's crisp but it also has enough body to stand up to the protein of the turkey.

>> okay. to bread pudding .

>> yes.

>> savory bread pudding . we definitely pay a lot of attention to sides at my restaurant. it's as important as some of the main courses. so here we're going to start by -- we have day old bread. so the night before you might have something lighter, salad, bread. whatever. save your bread. we'll add frozen corn to the saut? pan with onions, scallions, some fresh picked thyme and garlic. and of course a little to spice it up and salt and pepper .

>> is there a kind of bread you prefer?

>> i like a french bread or something with a nice crust to really soak this all up. we let that saut? and then we make a custard that actually -- when you have the bread and it's dried out, this will soak up really well.

>> how much of this can you do ahead?

>> you can saut? your vegetables. you can make this and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. the custard. it's not going to go bad. we put a little cream in it. some milk.

>> there you go.

>> it's thanksgiving.

>> it's just one day.

>> it's just one day.

>> i'm with you.

>> it's the only day that we eat too much, of course. and then we basically just toss everything together. i like keeping everything really simple. really easy. you spend so much time that day getting ready, setting the table. thank you, al. and then the bread gets put in there. everything at once.

>> what kind of cheese?

>> just a white cheddar.

>> okay.

>> yeah, so -- at my restaurants we try to use organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. we use white cheddar and all of that goes right into here.

>> is that a butter casserole?

>> it is. we're just going to bake it and it all comes together.

>> look at that.

>> with a little cheese crust on top.

>> oh my goodness.

>> there you go.

>> how long do you put it in the oven?

>> about 30 to 40 minutes depending on --

>> let's take that back here.

>> we have one more dish to work on.

>> yeah i know i'm coming back here.

>> excellent. excellent.

>> that was very hot.

>> didn't think that one through did you, al?

>> we have brussel sprouts here. people love or hate them. if they don't like they they haven't had them cooked the right way. i like a really nice sere on them. we're going to add -- it's going to be a little indulgent. so molasses. i add a little water to steam it up and cook them through and then i have some toasted pecans.

>> beautiful.

>> i like to, you know, put southern ingredients in the dishes but maybe mix it up a little bit. so every thanksgiving i try to change my sides up.

>> here's the key right here.

>> yeah, some bacon.

>> there it is.

>> well, it's optional. it's optional. but if i were you i would put it in there.

>> instead of dinner rolls --

>> we have sweet potato rolls. a lot of times people have smashed sweet potatoes . i like to mix it up. you guys taste and see how i did.

>> people like you have rescued the brussel sprout . now it's a must have.

>> getting that browning on them -- that's what makes them --

>> that's fantastic.

>> tonya holland, thank you so much.

>> thank you.

>> it's so good i can't talk.

>> we're back in a moment