TODAY   |  November 18, 2013

Upgrade your home for maximum relaxation

Don’t let the holiday season stress you out too much. Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty provides a coupleof  tips to create the ultimate environment of relaxation in your bedroom and the bathroom.

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>>> thanksgiving is just 10 days away so the stress of the holiday season is about to kick in.

>> you want to find time to relax and recharge. to help us do that at home is abby larson. it's good to see you.

>> it's great to be here.

>> so we spend a lot of time in our bedroom. there's a way to relax and charge and calm things down.

>> i think the bedroom is the one place where people really escape to at night. so we wanted to keep the palate really neutral. so we start whites and creams and ivories and gold. keep it in that calm relaxing color palate. the blues and purposinles.

>> you like to have a night stand next to the bed?

>> we do.

>> it looks like a dresser.

>> studies show that clutter is directly related to your mood. you want extra storage. all of that stuff on the floor can get tucked away in these drawers.

>> i like what you have done here on the book shelves .

>> we want your room to feel like you. if you're a book lover, you crawl up in your chair and wind down that way, think about simplifying it.

>> how do you tell which one is which?

>> you have to put your reading glasses on.

>> you have to get out of bed.

>> i know. this is kind of a girl thing but we love it.

>> i like it.

>> it's very zen.

>> yes.

>> so the other thing we did is we have a ton of fabric in here from the headboard or rug. fabric absorbs the noise.

>> other gadgets here. tell me about this right here.

>> it looks like a little heating pad. it actually holds your pajamas. it's a warmer for your observe or your pajamas.

>> i love that. you get that right out of the dryer feeling that everybody wants.

>> when you slip into the sheets they're nice and cool.

>> you like the cool gel pillow.

>> i actually use this at my house. it has a gel insert so it keeps you cool all night long. it's awesome.

>> nice.

>> let's go to the bathroom.

>> let's head over there. so the bathroom is not one of the places that people always think about relaxing in but it condition with just a few really strategic kind of moments and ideas. so the first thing we did was to bring in a little bit of extra storage. we have big fluffy towels on the bottom and we pull out all the luxuries you might not think to use and put them at arms reach so they're right here ready to be used.

>> okay now you also can stay splug plugged in at all times. it's the swipe and wipe.

>> i love this. you guys are terrible.

>> no, i didn't say that.

>> the swipe and wipe.

>> this is an ipad caddie. you can watch your favorite shows. this is awesome. this is a massage bath mat . it gets all the pressure points where you hold the stress in.

>> great.

>> it turns it into a minispa which is great.

>> great.

>> if you don't want to take a bath, if you're a shower person, we have this shower head speaker.

>> wow.

>> it fits into any standard shower.

>> that's a nice showerhead.

>> it's beautiful. it sinks up to your bluetooth device so you can streams in seven to eight hours of music. you can take it with you while you're getting ready or winding down at night.

>> moisturizing during winter is important.

>> it s. it's dry out. these have essential mineral oil. you actually glow just in time for the holidays.

>> all right. abby larson, good stuff. thank you.