TODAY   |  November 18, 2013

Couple re-enacts ‘Dirty Dancing’ scene at wedding

When Terra and Drake Otto said “I do” in August, they reenacted Patrick Swayze’s famous lift of Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing” when they danced at their reception. The video clip went viral over the weekend.

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>>> video to show you.

>> this is really cool.

>> one couple's incredible version of a iconic dance scene from dirty dancing burning up the web this morning. this is tara and drake. tied the knot in august and what they did during the reception has gone viral. it could be love because i've had the time of my life and i never felt this way before

>> that's impressive.

>> nice hold.

>> so well done. they did the whole dance routine and, in fact, they even showed you before the actual wedding david owe they went to rehearsals and the prep and all of that. really cute. adorable.

>> they're both in such horrible shape.

>> wow, they look good too. they look the part.

>> the bride said she was such a fan of dirty dancing , i broke the vhs tape because i watched it so much.

>> nobody puts baby in the corner.

>> nobody puts baby in that corner. this calls to mind another famous --

>> dirty dancing .

>> al roker , ryan gossling .

>> i was so upset i was not here that day.

>> she wanted the lift.

>> i would have been up for a little dirty dancing