TODAY   |  November 18, 2013

Click n’ eat: Restaurant menus going digital

The process of choosing your meal is undergoing a high-tech facelift as some restaurants hand diners electronic tablets instead of paper menus. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>> could be coming to a restaurant near you. just point, click, and eat. here's joe friar.

>> reporter: in the restaurant world paper menus are like comfort food .

>> there's something really familiar and inviting about having paper menus.

>> reporter: but to some, old school menus may seem like stone tablets next to the latest technology.

>> if you want to add avocado grab it and move it over.

>> reporter: they can be found at this southern california restaurant chain .

>> it's about giving the diner the ultimate control over the dining experience.

>> reporter: they make it easier for customers to add and subtract ingredients. a similar experience lures noodle lovers.

>> i don't know if my mom will be able to do it. it's definitely to the younger generation but as time is moving on i think more people will get used to it.

>> can you show it to me again?

>> reporter: at wp24 in los angeles the wine list is on a tablet.

>> we're constantly changing so instead of printing and changing money on paper we can do it here in a matter of seconds.

>> reporter: customers can browse by price or the tape of grape.

>> you can take more time. there's a lot more information. where it comes from. what kind of grapes are involved, things like that.

>> reporter: in washington d.c. , the virtual list is boosting wine sales.

>> i also have a printed wine list and a cocktail list.

>> reporter: still many restaurants prefer paper.

>> i relate it to reading a book. there's something special about turning a page instead of touching a screen.

>> reporter: they feel a traditional menu is never out of touch. for today, joe friar, nbc news los angeles .

>> we're ready to research this ourselves. our friends here in manhattan provided us with their little mini-ipad menus. do you know how much wine is on this menu.

>> this is the menu it replaces.

>> 3,000 bottles.

>> what happens if you spill on the ipad.

>> i like it. i've seen a couple of restaurants in new york do it. i think it speeds it up.

>> they have new additions.

>> let's say we wanted that little bottle of -- [ inaudible ]

>> well aren't you fancy?

>> would you like that? we can go right in on that thing in the center of the screen.

>> i like it's he lilluminated.

>> and for those that use reading glasses you can make it bigger.

>> you can scroll right in. al, you wanted the '97. all they have is the '82.

>> that's okay.

>> and you can do this at the delta terminal.

>> yeah.

>> find the time. this is where everybody is headed anyway.