TODAY   |  November 18, 2013

Aww! Puppy naps with baby every day

A mom posted photos on her Instagram account of her 23-month-old son napping with a new puppy. She said they both take naps at the same time every day.

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>> to love this one. i was looking at these photos. can't get enough of them. they call it puppy love with good reason. these photos show two things the internet can't seem to get enough of. babies and puppies. the mom posted these adorable photos on her instagram account. it shows her 23 month old son bo napping with the family's new addition. every day when he goes down for nap time his puppy brother jumps upton bed with him and joins him in the nap. she says seeing them together makes her heart explode with joy as it does ours as well.

>> i don't know what's better the new puppy smell or the new baby smell.

>> the two together.

>> hats off to any mom that got a new puppy and new baby at the same time.

>> and they go down for