TODAY   |  November 18, 2013

Uninvited, Toronto mayor attends football game

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continued to make headlines over the weekend when he attended a Canadian Football League playoff game, despite being asked not to by the commissioner. He also started shooting a new reality-TV show. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> in the news again this morning. stephanie gosk is following it all for us. stephanie , good morning.

>> good morning. with scandal swirling around him he managed to have a full weekend. he had a football game and filmed his new tv show and an interview with fox news.

>> from saturday night live.

>> my face is as red as a ham.

>> to sunday night football, toronto mayor rob ford is firmly in the spotlight. after wearing a toronto football jersey while delivering another apology for bad behavior at a press conference the canadian football commissioner suggested he stayed away from the football game .

>> we believe it would be better to focus on his challenges right now.

>> reporter: but in the third quarter he showed up supporting the team and even had a few fans of his own. his busy weekend included filming a new tv show called ford nation and an interview with fox news.

>> i'm seeking professional news. i'm not an alcoholic. i'm not a drug addict . have i had my out bursts in the past? absolutely but i'm only human.

>> and i have made some very poor decisions.

>> reporter: but perhaps it was the snl sketch that best captured the canadian controversy.

>> i goofed up but i realized that and i apologized at a press conference only a few hours later. i am sorry for how i have been acting. it's not indicative of my position of mayor in this great town of toronto .

>> hey, man, i got what you asked for.

>> did you see the saturday night live skit?

>> yeah, it was great.

>> i guess we're probably going to see that snl character a few times after this and you can bet you'll see that football jersey, too.

>> just cannot seem to go away. stephanie gosk, thanks so