TODAY   |  November 18, 2013

Officials: Officer shot at van filled with kids

Investigators in New Mexico are examining a video that shows an officer shooting at a van filled with five kids after the motorist allegedly tried to drive away after being pulled over for speeding. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> now to new mexico where a routine traffic stop escalated and lead police to open fire on a family's minivan. this was caught on tape and now an investigation is underway. here's nbc's joe friar with the story.

>> reporter: video taken from a new mexico state police officer 's dash cam and aired shows what happened when an officer pulled over 39-year-old ferrell for speeding. the officer asks her to wait but instead she drives away with five children inside her van. so she is pulled over a second time and things quickly escalate.

>> get out of the vehicle.

>> get out of the vehicle right now.

>> there's a struggle to get her out of the van. eventually she does.

>> turn around and face your vehicle.

>> ma'am, listen to me.

>> reporter: but not for long. another struggle prompts her son to rush toward the officer. there's a brief scuffle before the teen runs toward the van and shuts the door. at this point, back up has arrived.

>> open the door . open the door .

>> reporter: that's when the first officer uses his baton on the window before another officer fires what appears to be three shots at the fleeing van filled with five children. the state police chief is promising a full review saying in a statement, i have, of course, reviewed the video and do have concerns relating to the conduct of the officer who discharged his firearm. he adds the entire incident was an intense 43-minute long dangerous situation that placed the public at risk. according to court papers obtained, the officer fired in an attempt to keep the vehicle from leaving while ferrell's attorney told the judge she was flat-out scared that something was going to happen to her children t. chase came to an end outside the hotel with the arrest of the mother and her son. she is charged with intentional abuse of a child and fleeing an officer. the son was arrested for battery and the officers were under internal investigation. for today, joe friar, nbc news, new mexico.

>> a lot to get to the bottom of there for sure.