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TODAY   |  November 17, 2013

After cancer diagnosis, dad runs races with 6-year-old daughter

“You can’t help but be inspired by someone like Iram,” said TODAY’s Lester Holt of Iram Leon, a father who has found what matters most while enduring the darkest hours of his life.

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>>> this morning we continue our "inspired by" series. it's lester's turn to share his story of a man who has touched his life.

>> good morning. i only met iram leon. i couldn't stop thinking about his story, a 33-year-old single dad and juvenile probation officer from austin . a couple years ago he got the worst news possible from his doctor. rather than crawl off in a hole, the diagnosis caused him to focus on the relationship with the most important person in his life, his 6-year-old daughter kiana and to find a way to make every moment with her count.

>> i'm a single dad. my daughter is with me every other weekend. right now she thinks i'm cool because she's 6 years old.

>> you can't help but be inspired by someone like iram . there's a man who takes life and views it through a different lens. doctors told him a couple years ago flatly, you're probably not going to see 40.

>> it's in the center of my left temporal lobe, it's a brain cancer . they took out as much as they could, but it's connected to the memory and language functions.

>> statistically the kind of tumor he has, it's a pretty narrow window of survival. he's accepted that diagnosis with the proviso from doctors that they may find a technology that would allow them to operate n. the meantime he's started looking at life differently, his relationship with his daughter.

>> i realized that i miss add whole lot of stuff, basic things, how many times i made her meals, changing her diaper, going to her functions at school.

>> i think we're supposed to be doing them up and down.

>> what touched me about his story was how he discovered with this prognosis what all of us kind of knew all along, that family is most important. he decided that every choice is going to be in favor of his daughter.

>> how long did that take me?

>> one of those choices is running. that's one of the things they can do together 6 years old. puts her in the stroller and they go. i wouldn't have nothing if i didn't have you

>> i'm running because it's therapy and it's where things feel normal. originally it was a way to try to get her to go to sleep. she would come back to wired, so that was a bad idea. it just kind of started becoming a fun thing. we would talk and i would play music. she sings, i sing. wake me up when it's all over when i'm wiser and i'm older

>> welcome to this morning's second annual southeast texas --

>> eventually some small 5ks let us in. we just kept doing longer races.

>> iram and his little girl kiana are a fixture on race courses at their home in austin , texas, but elsewhere.

>> iram and kiana leon from austin .

>> they've won a their marathon together. i say they because their stroller crosses the finish line first.

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