TODAY   |  November 17, 2013

Prince Harry travels to South Pole with wounded soldiers

At one point called "the party prince," Prince Harry seems to have put that behind him and is now traveling to the ends of the earth for those wounded in combat. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>> is headed later today for his long trek to the south pole , a 200-mile trip that's sure to be quite the adventure. annabel roberts is outside buckingham palace with more.

>> reporter: hairy, the so- called party prince is, believe it or not, trek to being the south pole with injured servicemen and women from the u.s. and here in britain. these wounded war veterans leave london today for the adventure of a lifetime. their travel companion on the long, dangerous trek to the south pole , prince hairy. earlier this week he paid tribute to their courage.

>> all the men and women behind me have achieved so much just to get here, let alone actually walk to the south pole .

>> from team u.s.a. eye van castro who lost his sooig and margo mains injured in bagdad. here in london they've been treated royally. someone asked the queen if she had ever been to the south pole .

>> of course not.

>> it's unbelievable. you're walking out thinking i was just in buckingham palace meeting the between.

>> reporter: prince hairy not shy about teasing his buddies. this journey is no laughing matter. over 16 days they'll trek 200 miles in freezing temperatures.

>> it could be mine minus 40, minus 50. it's going to be windy. it's going to feel remote and very hostile.

>> reporter: prince harry at one point called the party prince seems to have put a lot of that behind him, fighting in afghanistan and now traveling to the ends of the earth for the wounded.

>> he's not somebody who is going to go around cutting ribbons. prince harry is someone who wants to go out and do things.

>> reporter: steam usa is happy to have his company on this adventure.

>> this means a lot to him as well. he's very genuine, very caring, compassionate.

>> reporter: a long journey for a prince dedicating himself to a life of service. this combines so much that harry loves, action, adventure and helping veterans. it's quite a challenge. we have to wish them all