TODAY   |  November 17, 2013

Severe weather, tornadoes threaten Midwest

A tornado outbreak is likely to hit the Chicago area, according to the Storm Prediction Center. The possible tornadoes are part of a storm system that is also expected to bring damaging high winds. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel and TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer report.

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>> get right to today's top story. the severe weather and the threat of tornadoes touching down in the midwest with millions of people potentially in harm's way. the weather channel 's mike seidel is in covington, kentucky. good morning, mike.

>> reporter: good morning, lester. a rainy and warm metro cincinnati. temperatures around 60, about 25 degrees above average for mid november and also very humid out here. that's the reason we're expecting severe weather . a rather outbreak of severe weather and tornadoes. we typically have a second season in the deep south with twisters, but not this far north . an action packed jet streechl has led the storm prediction center to issue a rare high risk . sometimes we see those in the spring and summer, march, april, may, but not in november. this is going to be a very dangerous day. if you don't get the tornadoes after the threat diminishes, straight line wind damage all the way east into the northeast and these storms this morning are moving like they're late for a date, lester, racing as fast as 60 miles an hour outside of chicago. it's going to hit and hit very quickly.

>> batten down the hatches. dylan has the big picture . she's in new york tracking the severe weather .

>> we have a huge area where we could see strong storms today. this is from michigan into mississippi and alabama, stretching east into pennsylvania and back west into eastern iowa. a closer look shows not only storms in the huge area, but the strong risk area. it's very rare where we get a high risk any time of year, but especially this far north this far into november. it's in the yellow from michigan into parts of kentucky, into ohio and west into illinois including the chicago area where a tornado outbreak is likely. that's what's being issued by the storm prediction center . we could see very strong tornadoes and long-track tornadoes, meaning they could stay on the ground for a long period of time. this is all going to start to get going this afternoon and into the evening. ahead of the cold front , it's warm and humid on the east side and very cold and dry on the back side. it's the clash of air masses that could create these strong storms. as mike seidel mentioned, it's moving very quickly. not only will we see these storms develop, but they'll have wind gusts on their own as well. while tornadoes are possible, where we don't have the tornadoes, these storms are strong enough to produce gusts upwards of 60 miles per hour.