TODAY   |  November 17, 2013

Following criticism, president of Philippines tours disaster

Aid is gaining momentum in the Philippines, with some gas stations opening and people beginning to rebuild. NBC’s Ian Williams reports.

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>> the philippines where the nation's president toured the typhoon ravaged city of tacloban. ian williams is there with the latest. ian, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, craig. recriminations today, president aquino down in the disaster area blaming local governments for lack of preparation for this huge cyclone which has now displaced, we understand, four million people, the latest teth toll up to 4,000. that said, this mass save aid operation is gaining traction. aid is reaching some of the more far-flung places. here in tacloban we are seeing quite significant signs of change. gas stations opening, commerce on the streets, even little clusters of people tapping into power lines to charge their telephones. we went today to a big area down by the sea front called seawall, a big shantytown. to our surprise we found a lot of people were already taking the initiative themselves in the lack of regular government aid , getting out there and starting to rebuild their old homes with the debris that they've gather friday the wreckage of their previous homes. also a sign of commerce down there. there are sign this is this operation is starting to gain momentum. still an awful lot to do craig.

>> ian williams , thank you.