TODAY   |  November 16, 2013

Alec Baldwin apologizes after using gay slur

From Alec Baldwin’s trouble with a photographer to the buzz around Adam Levine, it has been a full week of headlines in the world of entertainment. TODAY’s Lester Holt and Erica Hill interview E!’s Alicia Quarles.

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>>> this morning in today's hollywood headlines, alec baldwin suspended from his cable talk show and could adam levine be named "people" sexy man alive?

>> let's start off are alec baldwin . what is going on here?

>> msnbc has suspended his show "up late" for two episodes after he used a gay slur during a fight with a photographer. he took to twitter to apologize. anderson cooper came back and said, no, it's not good enough. a stalker got convicted and she is in jail and then he's had five different run-ins with photographers and reporters and c with cars.

>> he cannot control it. enough is enough, your apologies just don't work. he is suspended for two episodes.

>> a few weeks ago we talked jay-z and barneys who went through racial profiling they denied it and jay-z has this clothing line and a lot of people want him to pull it. what has he decided?

>> he says he will continue the clothing line with barney's and he has taken a leadership role. 100% of the proceeds from that collection go to his organization. before it was just 25%. he says he wants to use this platform to make a change and not just pull out of the deal.

>> a lot of people will watch that one. adam levine was here yesterday in the studio talking to savannah and she pressed him on the rumors he was the sexiest man of the year for "people" magazine.

>> we are thinking he is the one. adam knows he has to do a photo shoot . he was playing coy. you have to do the interviews but a brouhaha over this because a lot of people are saying, ryan gosling has never won and shouldn't he be the "people" sexiest man alive?

>> personally?

>> i was at the victoria's secret show and adam was sitting there because his fiancee is modeling. he is hot.

>> who gets your vote?

>> i want to talk to you about dario franchitti , the four-time indy 500 champ retiring and basically will help his marriage?

>> he has been married for 11 years for ashley judd but they have been separated but after the accident she came by his side and doctors forced him to retire. it wasn't a choice. ashley have been tweeting away at fans saying we can't believe he is retiring and all good things and maybe they are fully back together. neither ever filed for divorce.

>> kind of a busy week.

>> it's been busy.

>> you should take a rest now.

>> i got to keep up.

>> thanks. nice to have you back. you can catch enews weekdays at 7:00 eastern pacific .