TODAY   |  November 16, 2013

Toronto mayor’s brother offers unwavering support

After admitting to smoking crack cocaine in what he described as a “drunken stupor,” Toronto’s mayor has still refused to step down, and at least one member of his family is standing by him. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> continues to lose support from his colleagues. the city council voted to strip him of some of his powers but the mayor said he is not going a anywhere.

>> reporter: this is a small taste of the circus in toronto these days.

>> talk to you in a bit.

>> reporter: doug ford battles just to get to the office. it's not easy being the brother of mayor rob ford . but doug's support for his brother, along with the belief that he should stay and do the job, is unwavering. at what point does the mayor's behavior become a problem for his job?

>> well, let's talk about that. rob came out and admitted that he -- when he starts drinking, if you want to call it binge drinking , that is unacceptable behavior. he knows that. he is working --

>> reporter: he also said he smoked crack.

>> he did and that is totally unacceptable. in one of his drunken stupors, i believe.

>> reporter: should the city have to accept that apology?

>> that is up to the people of the city.

>> reporter: after thursday's live press conference, there are quite a few people who don't accept the apology.

>> i don't think we can broadcast it on tv but we just broadcast that on tv.

>> reporter: the mayor denied making a vulgar suggestion to a female aid but, in the process, was equally as vulgar. have you sat him down at any point and said, rob, you are not doing yourself any favors?

>> a hundred times. a hundred times. but, again, you look at his record, he has to get his personal issues taken care of, which he is doing and he's addressing. but let me tell the people of the united states , don't count rob ford out on election day .

>> reporter: election day is october of 2014 . if the mayor doesn't resign, his brother and the city of toronto could be in for a long year. for "today," stephanie governing, nbc