TODAY   |  November 16, 2013

Social media cheers on pint-sized superhero

Batkid stole the show Friday as throngs of people watched him make his way through San Francisco, and his journey inspired fans across the Twitterverse. NBC’s Craig Melvin reports.

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>> the bat kid was trending on social media all day friday. craig is over in the orange room with more on what people had to say about this special guy on his special day.

>> this the rage on the social media . thanks for protecting gotham today, bat kid. you could teach me a thing or two about fighting crime. i think we have got the one we are looking at.

>> i love it.

>> thanks for giving me the day off.

>> there is a punch from bat kid. thanks for protecting gotham and giving me the day off.

>> a true example of a community paying it forward. what a lucky little boy . i think this summers up the sentiment from a lot of folks. things like this can reaferm our hope and faith in humanity. san francisco did a great thing today. guys?

>> yeah. talk about a testament of a city coming together and so nice to see a city helping out.

>> and to get the president