TODAY   |  November 16, 2013

Batkid saves the day, melts hearts

Batkid, a 5-year-old leukemia survivor, won hearts around the country Friday as he spent the day in San Francisco fighting crime. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>>> are all talking about. when disaster strikes in gotham city there is only person who can save the day. who else but bat kid?

>> also known as 5-year-old miles. he's a strong little guy and currently in remission from leukemia but on friday his wish to become batman came true with the full support of everyone from complete strangers all the way up to the president. nbc joe farr got a chance to meet miles before he became bat kid.

>> reporter: it looked like a giant parade but to fully understand why thousands filled the streets of san francisco you must take a step back.

>> what do you think?

>> reporter: and listen to the story after boy with super hero strength.

>> i get to be batman.

>> reporter: you get to be batman? 5-year-old miles scott spent mantle of his life battling a villain named leukemia.

>> he has beat an awful disease to that makes him a hero to me.

>> reporter: he comes alive wearing his batman costume.

>> he is my favorite superhero.

>> reporter: in fact, he always dreamed of becoming the kapcaped crusader so on friday the dream came true.

>> it makes me feel happy that he gets to go and be the hero that he is.

>> i'm batman!

>> reporter: riding shotgun in a lamborghini turned bat mobile, a downtown was now transformed into gotham city . first bat kid is rushed to hit a lady in distress who is tied to cable car wires. miles saves the day to everyone's delight.

>> he's so cute!

>> reporter: no trim to rest. a robber is robbing a bank and batman is called to catch the robber. every step of the way, huge crowds greet bat kid and complete strangers packed into downtown san francisco thanks to social cuba.

>> i was a kid wanting to do this and actually gets to do it which is pretty awesome.

>> even the president had a message for bat kid.

>> way to go miles, way to save gotham!

>> reporter: san francisco chronicle had a special decision before miles received the key to the city on this day, which is truly triumphant over evil.

>> the bat kid was trending on social media all day friday. craig is over in the orange room with more