TODAY   |  November 16, 2013

In video gone viral, twins mimic life in the womb

In an adorable video that’s been melting hearts around the country, twin babies enjoy a bath in a special tub that’s similar to what it’s like in the womb. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> we're back with what is sure to be a big crowd pleaser. the story behind this video of twins hugging each other as they get a bath. it already has more than 5.5 million hits on youtube.

>> dylan is in the orange room with that video and it's actually a special bath technique that was used, right?

>> it is. for anyone who is not in front of the tv right now, you have to look at this video. 5.7 million people already have. it is the cutest thing i've ever seen. the technique is called the solaso bath bath. the babies here are twins and only a couple of days old and the technique is running water over their faces so they mimic what they did in the wound the last nine months. it's one of those things you want to stop and say ah. the person who did this doesn't recommend you do it at home. she did it at the hospital with these two newborns. people are commenting all over facebook. they are absolutely beautiful and i think it's a great technique. not recommended to try at home but i have a feeling some people might. the best vooideo in the world. bathing babies is, obviously, cute if they are twins or not. we want you to share your baby's bath time photos with us using the #sundayfundaytoday.

>> you've been in the wound nine months and finally you get out and, what? more water? really?

>> and all of those babies they are taking pictures of now being bathed 15 to 20 years now we should do another study on these angry children.

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