TODAY   |  November 16, 2013

New hope after a slow relief for typhoon survivors

International relief aid is pouring in Saturday in the hardest hit area of Tacloban, eight days after a devastating typhoon slammed into the Philippines. NBC’s Nancy Snyderman reports.

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>>> world is pouring in to the hardest hit regions. chief medical correspondent dr. nancy snyderman is in cebu for us this morning.

>> good morning.

>> reporter: the world has descended upon cebu. behind me planes from saudi arabia and unit arab emirates and singapore and israeli and united states , of course, australia, all figuring how to get people out and aid in. it's been a complicated week. international relief aid is pouring into in the hardest hit area of tacloban eight days after a devastating typhoon slammed into the philippines. after the initial days of chaos when aid was nowhere to be found for the hundreds of thousands left homeless, finally, some hope. today, u.s. navy helicopters from the " uss george washington " are dropping food and water supplies to isolated communities desperate for any help. the mission? fijed a way to find those who survived the storm and the search for the missing on the back burner. not all aid and assistance are reaching those who need it the most. on the remote island some have not seen relief from international agencies.

>> we need help. we need help. we need your help. water especially food, first aid, medicine and some of us only one clojs.

>> the water system in the village was destroyed by the storm and now residents are getting water from a well and they boil the water before drinking. in other areas as hunger sets in, some have turned looting shops. the survivors now facing a long struggle to rebuild their shattered lives salvaging what they can amid the devastation. there has been a lot of criticism, of course, about how aid has gotten to people. i should say this is a technological and strategic and geographic nightmare. there are 7,000 islands in this country and having been here now for over a week, i've seen how difficult it is to get through roads with faulten trees and to get boats across the way, and i should tell everyone in the united states we have real reason to be proud of the u.s. military . they have shown up and done their best and none of the relief will be working if it weren't for the u.s. military .

>> dr. nancy snyderman for us this morning, thank you.

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