TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

Style for your man: Spend less than $100

Brian Boye from Men’s Health shows how a man can look stylish and sexy for holiday parties, with items like a sports coat, cardigan, fashionable jeans and more.

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>>> the holiday season brings party invites and company gatherings.

>> and dressing for all those convenience can be a bit of challenge especially for men who seem to have it easier than we do.

>> they do. here to help you dress the guys in your life while you still have some extra time is the fashion and grooming director.

>> hello.

>> at "men's health" brian. they don't want to spend a lot of money, but they want to look good.

>> there are a lost pictures taken and a lot going on over the holidays. i put together great stylish but affordable outfits.

>> let's start off with a holiday cocktail party . let's bring steve out.

>> steve is looking good.

>> steve is wearing one of the big trends for guys right now which is bold right colors. we've done it with these gap chinos. green. when you wear a bright color, you want to pear it with something neutral. we've done it with this great navy blue sport coat from gap also.

>> i love the plaid shirt.

>> festive but not too lard.

>> let's bring out charlie .

>> thank you.

>> thank you, hon'. charlie 's in his 20s and mark is here too.

>> mark.

>> they're both going to an office christmas party . so charlie does not work in a corporate environment so he can be a little more casual, but we wanted to dress it up with this fair isle tie. it's a tongue twister . but i think the star of the piece is the great burgundy cardigan which we ask dress up here but you can also pair it up with jeans. this is all from asos.

>> i think he needs an ascot.

>> mark's a suit and tie guy.

>> mark's a suit and tie guy. mark's dressed a little more formal. mark, if you could just -- there we go.

>> thank you.

>> this is a great navy blue suit.

>> he looks very handsome.

>> the whole suit is only 160 dollar which is amazing.

>> wow, nice.

>> jewel tones.

>> and i like the pocket hankie.

>> it's the little details that make a look.

>> gentlemen, thank you.

>> thank you.

>>> now, for a neighborhood dinner party , we've got maurina and lou.

>> they never met.

>> no. they are married and they're going to be going to a couple of holiday parties in the neighborhood. she's wearing a smoking hot dress from as ooh s.

>> that's a good color for the winter too.

>> emerald green . all jewel tones for men and women.

>> they like each other, hoda.

>> this is something neutral, so she gets the spot light, right?

>> right. she gets the spotlight. he's in a chaps sweater. they look perfect together. they coordinate but they don't match.

>> they look adorable. have fun at the party.

>> how about dinner with the in-laws.

>> do we have to?

>> yep, yep.

>> when you're having dinner with the girlfriend's parents you want to look put together, not too formal. this is my idea of what a good christmas sweater looks like.

>> yes. he looks like ralph lauren ad or something.

>> there's nothing ironic. you can wear it after christmas.

>> it looks affordable.

>> every piece is under $100.

>> thank you.

>> last we have the hellsberg family complete with their dog.

>> oh, they look cute.

>> for christmas morning .

>> yes. for christmas morning . they're with their dog kismit.

>> where do you get these?

>> from the company store . i like it because it's nontraditional.

>> you can use it for a christmas holiday card. we can take your picture.

>> we'll do it for you.