TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

Talent coach: Celebs should put audience first

Celebrity talent coach Marki Costello helped stars like Ceelo Green and Audrina Patridge, and her new E! series “The Drama Queen” gives viewers an inside look at her business. She says television personalities should put the audience first, and gives advice to two plaza fans who are aspiring TV hosts.

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>>> we're back on thistry day friday with more of today. talent manager and hosting coach mar guy costello who's trained everyone from cee lo green to bill and melinda gates .

>> the granddaughter of the famed lou costello , the famed abbott & costello , she gives you more. of course, it's called "the drama queen ."

>> hey, girl.

>> it's so nice to have you.

>> so nice for you to have me, ladies. you might not be so happy with me in two minutes, but --

>> you've worked with a lot of celebrities. what do they usually want? what are they asking from you?

>> thing when a celebrity has to be themselves in front of the camera, you know, it's harder for them, and i sort of teach -- my media training is all about when you learn to put the audience first you have your own way. even nerves are about you and when you can go it's not about me but it's about wanda in wichita. that's my job to give wanda in wichita news or fashion advice or food advice, that's when you become a star in this arena.

>> so you connect with them.

>> mm-hmm.

>> then when you learn how to reveal, you relate. so relatable teaches to ratings and it's a balancing act.

>> i always hear people want to be on tv. what is the number one mistake?

>> they might about them. how do i say that word snow how do i look? i want to say this funny joke and they think. when you're in your head you're sort of saying, screw you, audience. i'm in my head. we as the viewer aren't in your head and so you're out.

>> then it's not authentic at all.

>> right.

>> is your show like blood on the floor or what happens?

>> blood on the floor?

>> that's a fantastic laugh.

>> you know, they tested the show and my laugh tested the worst part. they go, everybody hates your laugh. what it's really about is in this day and age, everybody thinks -- are we watching?

>> no. we're with you. b-roll.

>> b-roll. sorry. everybody now in the year 2013 thinks they can be famous.

>> i know. well, unfortunately it's easier than it used to be.

>> but somebody has to be -- my grandfather, he worked his butt to get what he wants and my mom married dean martin 's oldest son. i grew up in this business. work ethic is everything.

>> it's everything.

>> we have two little ladies from the plaza. they want to have our seats.

>> clearly they want our seats.

>> and i don't like their attitude.

>> summer is from kentucky and angel is a native of ireland living in philadelphia and they're going to read off the prompter.

>> i haven't given them any tip but i want to see them. wherever you see punctuation, i want you to say audience. i want you to connect with the audience.

>> good luck reading the prompter. nobody's watching.

>> good morning, welcome back. i'm summer covering for ka thee lee who mysteriously disappeared with a bottle, audience.

>> i'm angela who's in for hoda who's currently dealing with her emergency. this could take a while. what's coming up in the next half hour.

>> >> well, audience, angel will first surprise al roker and matt lauer with an ambush makeover .

>> thanks, angel. audience. sounds like fun. then friday's segment where we teach savannah how to do a kick stand like a lady. but first, audience, let's send it back over to kathie and hoda who seem to have reappeared.

>> that was fantastic.

>> very well done.

>> at first i thought they weren't going to hear and take the direction of putting audience in. you see when they did, how it sort of comes to life. it takes the pressure off of you.

>> markey, thank you so much. thank you, ladies.

>> " drama queen " this sunday on