TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

Heat up a home-style favorite: Hanger steak

Marc Forgione of American Cut Restaurant cooks up a hearty favorite for the dinner table: Hanger steak and potatoes.

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>> today a new approach to an old favorite, steak and potatoes potatoes.

>> chef, good to see you.

>> good, how are you?

>> a lot of people don't appreciate this cut.

>> there's something about hanger steak that people don't realize is if you cut it the wrong way it's chewy so people think it's chewy because they're not cutting it the right way.

>> let's get started.

>> do you see the grain going that way. so even after you sere it you can still see the grain. heres another little secret, i don't know if you guys know this. when you're making a steak --

>> butter.

>> the butter.

>> a little bit of garlic.

>> yeah.

>> a little bit of rosemary.

>> wow.

>> a little bit of thyme. and something that people don't do at home but you should, baste it.

>> so we're going to do this on the stove completely.

>> just like this. when you have a steak this small that's what you need to do and going back to what i said before about slicing it against the grain, do you see what i'm talking about?

>> right.

>> you need to make an x.

>> go against the grain.

>> can you eat on air?

>> of course we can.

>> that's our job.

>> do you see how tender that is.

>> twice baked potato .

>> so this is something my mother made me at least once a week and now that i have my own restaurant i try to bring it to people. bake a potato, scoop it out. my mother used to fill it with a spoon but we put it in a piping bag.

>> oh.

>> there you go.

>> i love it.

>> and pipe it right back in.

>> what all did you put in there.

>> sour cream, cheese, you can put whatever you want , bacon, scallions.

>> put it back in the oven.

>> put it back in the oven for the twice baked potato .

>> do you have three cheeses?

>> monterey jack , parmesan and pepper jack but use anything you want.

>> and last but not at least --

>> we do american cut. it's a crab cake revisited a little bit.

>> that's fantastic. the recipes are on american cut restaurant. we're back in a moment but first this is "today" on nbc.

>>> this delicious steak.