TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

Become the ultimate holiday host

Amy Goodman, senior style editor for teaches everything from table preparation to guest management to help you become the perfect host for holiday get-togethers.

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>>> well, if you plan on having everyone over at your house for the holidays this year, you want to brush up on your hosting etiquette.

>> from the invitations to the place settings we have what you need to do before the guests arrive. amy, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> so invites come in a lot of different forms these days. whether an e-vite, what's the real etiquette?

>> the one thing you don't want to do is not reply. all of our modern forms of technology you have so many different choices. let them get their head count so they can properly plan for their party. don't bury those in your e-mail. answer them right away.

>> yes, no, or maybe.

>> that's right.

>> okay. let's talk about welcoming our guests.

>> yes.

>> so at the we want you to be the hostess with the mostess. you must answer the door yourself. don't send a trial. don't continue to cut in the kitchen. wrap up your cooking and get to the front door and maybe sure your co-host or one of your answers it.

>> i'm going to get from you your coat or whatever and in response to that i'm going to give you a little something to drink or something to eat or i'm going to introduce you to somebody in the room that you don't know so you kept this energy and flow at the front door flowing right into your party.

>> i notice a lot of people now ask you to take your shoes off in their home. what's a good way to handle that?

>> i love offering slippers. this is ais coelection of hotel slippers. offer this for them to slip into.

>> bring little gifts.

>> we love these infused olive oils and gourmet almond butters and the cutting board . around $30 is your general point. but when your host is saying don't bring anything it's nice to bring gratitude.

>> this is a great thing. you can jazz up the party. so we're all going to sit down here.

>> we are. talk about the table.

>> things you shouldn't do which -- like this right here.

>> right. condiments don't keep them in their bottle. these go in condiment saucers. for our actual place setting this is a modernized take of a place setting . there's two things wrong with the setting.

>> with the actual setting.

>> something about the water glasses.

>> the water glass . you want to actually work from the outside in. i'm going to borrow this natalie. then your white wine and red wine and your water goes there. how about the silverware?

>> the knife should be pointing inside. it's a sign of aggression to have the blade facing out. put it in. plate and blade sticks together. then for other rules refill water glasses before guest as arrive and pass your food to the right.

>> okay. pass it around. amy, good little social etiquette things and a nice glass of champagne.

>> cheers.

>> cheers everyone. coming up next,