TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

Bruce Willis, Robert Pattinson homes up for sale

Barbara Corcoran provides a peek inside some of the latest celebrity homes that are hitting the market, including houses owned by actors Bruce Willis and Robert Pattinson.

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>>> on today's real estate , celebrity homes for sale across the country. today barbara has your peek inside.

>> nice to see you.

>> twilight star robert pattinson has his home for sale for $6.75 million in a pocket listing . what does that mean?

>> it's an industry term that means they're trying to sell it on the sneak. it never works out because they're trying to pinpoint the new buyer and never get the guy with the most bucks.

>> it's on the "today" show. what do we find inside his home.

>> this is an amazing home. everything is mint conditionment it's an old home built in 1922 . three bedrooms, four baths, over 4,000 square feet . it comes on an acre of land with gentle hills. every glamorous inch of this house is spanish style details, stencil ceilings and it's own amphitheater that's the backyard. it's a paradise. why wouldn't you want to take that house off the market.

>> you got that kind of money, get in the pocket listing . let's move on to beverly hills , bruce willis , about $20 million for his place but it's on the market for a few months tnch.s

>> the bigger the house and the bigger the ego is longer it takes to sell. he's a little greedy. he paid only $9 million nine years ago and he's asking 19.995. who would want to argue with bruce willis ? he's got competition. but this is a stunning house because it's in perfect mint condition . you can grab your tooth brush, move on in and you could say i was close enough to bruce willis -- i'd love to swim in that pool with that guy any day of the week. look at that place.

>> 10,000 square feet of living space as well. i love this next one, las vegas , wayne newton . listing price, $48 million. what do you get for that?

>> i don't know if i could say the word $48 million but you have to remember it used to be 70 million. it's now reasonably priced in some people's minds. he resided in the ranch in the 1960s . and he had a deal where he sold it to developers and kept 20% interest and he owns it again or his estate owns it again. that's what you get with this house . a plane and a hanger and why not for that price. he should throw in the kitchen sink as well. i think that comes with it.

>> so there's a little run way and your own terminal.

>> and your own zoo. you know what he did, he used to collect birds and penguins and all kinds of animals. guess what, you can still get the pens for the price of the house .

>> i would like to meet the person that says that house is a nice fit for my life style .

>> so does the broker by the way.

>> still looking for that person. a little piece of camelot for $11 million. a home in northern virginia designed by president john f. kennedy and his wife jackie.

>> this is the only home they designed together and sadly they only used it twice before john kennedy was assassinated. so it has a very happy beginning and a very sad ending. it's an ideal family retreat. it's 5,050 square feet with four bedrooms and five baths. when you look at the house inside it's not that special but what this house has got is 165 acres of beautiful rolling hills . it has all the famous photos of jackie riding with the two children on the horse.

>> everybody wants a piece of that kennedy legacy.

>> people will pay for it as well.

>> fun stuff. thank you so much.