TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

‘As seen on TV’ products: Do they really work?

Consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman presents some of the latest “As seen on TV” products, such as the Flip Jack Pan, and judges whether they live up their own hype.

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>>> special week next week here on today as we remember john f. kennedy as the 50th anniversary of his assassination approaches and sleeping dogs in the orange room . it's been a busy morning. the dogs are pooped. we're back now at 8:46 with today's consumer. this morning, the newest as seen on tv kitchen gadgets.

>> who hasn't loved these commercials and fallen for them? she is here to tell us which are worth the money.

>> they're some of the best selling items on the late night infomercials but do they burn your cash or cook up sizzle in the kitchen? we got three moms to try them out.

>> you have to try it to believe it.

>> call now and you can double your order.

>> infomercials with the latest kitchen are all the rage.

>> they are all busy moms who enjoy tooking for their families.

>> it's so easy --

>> reporter: so we gave them a challenge to try four new kitchen products and rate them.

>> ready to cook?

>> we're ready to cook.

>> the cupcake secret the aeroknife and the stone wave microwave cooker for $10 and they read the directions and got busy in the kitchen. first up, pancakes made to order or should we say pancake since it makes one at a time. after pouring the batter and waiting.

>> all right. it's been three minutes.

>> it's never going to cook.

>> reporter: the lonely pancake was done. what did our tester give it?

>> a one star out of five. it took six minutes to make one pancake which is not practical.

>> reporter: the makers of the flip jack say consumers have different types of stoves as well as various heat settings. the number of minutes it takes to make one pancake with the flip jack pancake pan cannot be quantified.

>> reporter: okay. how about a perfect poached egg in a minute.

>> it's the best way ever to make eggs.

>> reporter: sounds eggciting.

>> put it in the cooker and then put it in the microwave for 50 seconds.

>> it looks good and the handle is cool.

>> our ladies gave it a four.

>> really good. i would definitely buy this.

>> slices so thin you can even read a newspaper through them. do the aeroknives make the cut?

>> we asked her to do kitchen.

>> seems like a winner.

>> i give it a four out of five stars. it worked well. easy to use and very light and it's only $10.

>> reporter: dinner is done. time for dessert. will the cupcake maker be a sweet success?

>> it lets you bake a secret inside.

>> reporter: all the ladies got in on the action. the candies placed in their perfect spot and the cupcake batter is filled and it's off to the oven. once they're baked and cooled our gals try to remove the cupcakes from the pan.

>> this is not working out so well.

>> reporter: cupcakes without the surprise cups look good. so is this a half baked idea?

>> i give it a three out of five stars.

>> it's a fun thing to do with your kids.

>> well, the makers of the cupcake secret say add some oil shortening spray to the cups. this will help with the removing. also if you fill up to the actual cups with fillings it will be harder to remove.

>> you have to eat them all with a fork right out of the tray.

>> that ain't bad.

>> no, i kind of want to try this. this is one of the most popular items it's very lice.

>> oh, that's good. it goes right through the tomato skin.

>> it's light. do you want to try it?

>> oh yeah.

>> with some of the items you have to watch the infomercial carefully. do you have one pancake, do you have kids? would they wait around.

>> 6 minutes for one pancake.

>> right.

>> and the egg, if you're just making it for yourself.

>> savannah is excited about this.

>> i'm going to let you take this home.

>> i have a microwaving career and this is going to take me to the next level with my cooking.

>> if you see it on tv, you can wait a little while, read the reviews later, have a little cooling down period.

>> impulse buy . sometimes you can see them at the retail stores and pick them up there for less. if you're not satisfied you can return it. sometimes when you buy from tv you have to pay shipping and handling. you see these at garage sales a lot.