TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

Adam Levine: I have no animosity with Blake Shelton

The Maroon 5 frontman and judge on “The Voice” stops by TODAY to talk about acting and getting married, and dispels rumors that he and Blake Shelton are rivals in real life as well as on the popular music competition show.

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>> adam levine and i just burned 50 calories watching that. he is of course a three-time grammy winner . he has maroon 5 the band and he is now heating things up on nbc's hit vocal competition "the voice." we're happy to see you. looking very dapper today.

>> i did it for you. i want to compete with you guys. i have to dress the part.

>> sharp. you have the pocket square like al.

>> yeah, right here.

>> looking good. season 5 of the voice. did you think you would be at it this long?

>> when we first signed up i don't think any of us knew what we were doing. and it snowballed and we're all having a lot of fun.

>> you of course won season 1. blake won the last three seasons. has he mentioned that at all?

>> he mentions it all the time and i'm getting a little bit sick of it actually.

>> are you guys at this point anybody but blake has to win?

>> that's our motto this season. it's just boring. he is very charming and, you know, always constantly wins and it's getting boring. we don't like it.

>> what do you think his secret is?

>> i don't know. whatever is in that drink of his.

>> every time he comes i smell whatever is in the glass because you don't know.

>> listen, he loves coffee.

>> he does, morning, noon, and night.

>> tell me about getting back together with all the of the judges. the original four. was it like riding a bike? same old chemistry was there?

>> it felt good because there's only one kind of way to experience the initial kind of rise the show had. getting back together with the original four felt cool after the show had turned into what it was. we loved getting back together.

>> we loved seeing you guys together. it's kind of hard to even ask this question but there seems to be genuine competition among you. is that all for show but do you guys really kind of get irritated with one another?

>> do we really -- no, honestly at this point, we kind of know the drill.

>> yeah.

>> we never really got irritated with each other. it was more kind of we get competitive. we're all competitive but it's all in a friendly way. there's no actual animosity. people think -- people are constantly asking me about blake , oh are you fighting with blake ? no, i'm not fighting with blakes. we're friends. it's all good. we're just messing with each other to that degree because we're so close.

>> let's turn to a couple of other topics. the internet is abuzz. there's a rumor that you are on the short list to be people's sexiest man alive.

>> i don't believe you.

>> would you be excited about that? good resume builder.

>> no.

>> i'm just thinking would it be embarrassing or exciting?

>> i would be a lot of things. i don't know. it's an interesting idea. i don't know.

>> you don't know anything? you're not holding out on me right now.

>> i know nothing.

>> okay. i'm just looking to see if you seem like you're telling the truth.

>> how can you tell if people are lying or telling the truth.

>> i have no idea.

>> can you read me?

>> i guess we'll find out when the edition comes out.

>> i'm just as excited as you to find out who they choose.

>> you have a real leading man role now with keira knightly .

>> that was a blast. i had so much fun doing that. that was the first big thing i got to do and john who directed the movie was amazing and i think he believed in me to do it because i had not done it much before that. it was so much fun.

>> is acting something you want to do more of?

>> maybe. you know, i think. it was my first time. i was very spoiled because it was such an amazing experience. it was like a family affair. i don't know. case by case.

>> okay. well, i know you don't like to talk about your personal life so don't get mad if i say congratulations on your engagement.

>> thank you very much.

>> and since i recently got engaged and get asked this all the time without an answer, here's me not asking whether you are planning your wedding.

>> that was good. we have a kind of ish time. there's no actual date.

>> i can relate to that.

>> we're getting there.

>> congratulations to you. all of your successes. appreciate it. a reminder, as if you need one, you can catch the voice monday night at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on nbc. coming up next, want