TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

‘Invisible bike helmet’ is an airbag for your head

Two graduate students are getting global attention creating an “invisible bike helmet” – actually a mini airbag designed to protect bicyclists’ heads from injuries.

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>> we'll shift gears now. literally. bicycle gears. a new safety feature for bike rider who is are concerned about their wellbeing and hair too. michelle kosinski is in sweden this morning with the women behind a product generating a lot of buzz. michelle, good morning.

>> hey, good morning, we're here in -- oh, oh -- okay, the bike accident we planned. the story is this new bike helmet . it san air bag for your head. getting global attention right now invented by two graduate students here.

>> reporter: miss that crash? look at this one in slow motion . instant helmet from a pouch around the dummy's neck. other tests, equally dramatic. even in real life , that amazing thing.

>> it's not very heavy at all.

>> reporter: dreamed up for their masters thesis in industrial design from their mutual hatred of the helmet.

>> i don't want anything on my head. i don't want my hair to be destroyed.

>> reporter: so you guys would bike out in your city without a helmet.

>> yeah.

>> everyone did.

>> everyone did.

>> reporter: no matter how you high-tech them or trick them out, many agree in some places where mandatory helmet laws were enacted ridership actually dropped. it took 7 years to engineer it but they sold thousands in europe. anna carries around with her the first letter from a rider that said they believed it saved her life.

>> if i hadn't worn my invisible helmet i would have smashed my head on the concrete.

>> that was giving us goosebumps of course.

>> reporter: inside are sensors analyzing your movements to determine what is a real crash.

>> so we have to simulate all known bicycle accidents.

>> reporter: we kept trying to trick it into deploying, no luck. took a quick neck spin.

>> it didn't hurt but it's tight around your neck. it's hard like a -- yeah, like a football or something. i feel a lot safer now.

>> reporter: on a bike in traffic, this could be no joke, very real safety.

>> i think i see a future halloween costume in this. but the makers say the tests have proven it to be three to four times more shock absorbant than a regular helmet and it covers your head and neck. and you don't have to wear anything on your head while riding a bike. it costs more than $500, one time use and so far is not available in the u.s.

>> it maybe $500 but michelle, those imagines of you trying to trick the helmet, priceless.

>> priceless.

>> we'll make a music video out of that.

>> thank you so much.

>> reporter: i walk away with only a broken leg. it's great.

>> put yourself into it.

>> i love it.

>> coming up, adam levine is here. we talk to him about the voice and