TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

Funniest vines ever? Goofy guy goes viral

Self-described “goofy dude” Logan Paul is a student from Ohio, and his creative Vine videos, offering comical glimpses of his college life, are becoming popular online.

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>> we all know al is the king of the vine around here. those are the short videos that people are shooting on their phones all of six seconds, well, al has competition. take a look at this. this is logan paul. he's a college student at ohio university . he calls himself a goofy dude with big goals. take a look.

>> beware of the monkey.

>> that was close.

>> close the doors.

>> girls be like.

>> hey, sorry i'm late.

>> who are you?

>> i think he's genius.

>> pretty good.

>> there's a vine off between logan paul --

>> that didn't end well.

>> and al. what do you think?

>> amazing.

>> look at the split he does here.

>> oh.

>> van damme .

>> it's the theme of the day.

>> i still don't know that he has done all of those himself.

>> but i love that he acknowledges his mom in one because this is what he's doing with her college money.