TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

New device combines all credit cards into super card

A new device called “Coin” allows users to combine all their credit cards, debit cards and gift cards into one credit card-like device from which they can download information into their smartphones.

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>>> who has a big overstuffed wallet.

>> don't we all?

>> not with money.

>> mine is with junk and things. reminder notes to myself.

>> and credit cards . a lot of people think i have the credit card and debit card and reward card. there maybe an answer to this. take a look at the new device called coin. it come bynes them all into one super card. using an app on your smartphone you're able to load up to 8 cards and then you can shift between them using a button on the card. it's supposed to launch next summer. it will cost $100. they say it's legal and secure and if you're wondering, what if i lose that card, there's a little alert on the phone so if your card and your phone become separated like you leave it at the bar one night --

>> why do you say that?

>> anyway, if you get separated from the phone there's an alert.

>> by the creator of paypal so you know it's genius.

>> i'll take two.