TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

Patient, 12, recalls terror of hospital shooting

An armed fugitive was killed after police confronted him in a children’s hospital in Milwaukee, and one young patient describes barricading her room before hiding in a bathroom. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>> terrifying moments in a children's hospital near milwaukee on thursday after police confronted and shot an armed fugitive. john yang is outside the hospital in wisconsin. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, natalie. this morning, business as usual here at the hospital but for some it may take awhile to recover from the terror of hearing shots ring out in this place of healing. for two hours children's hospital of wisconsin was on lock down after police confronted an armed fugitive on the floor where they care for sick newborns.

>> what's he doing in a neonatal unit with a handgun.

>> they swarm the hospital . they were serving an arrest warrant on the 22-year-old on a weapon's charge. two officers approached hendrick as he held his newborn. he put the baby down and seemed to be cooperating.

>> it was at that point he started to struggle with police and fled.

>> reporter: police say hendrix ran down an empty hallway and pulled a semiautomatic pistol when one officer shot him in the arm.

>> that probably lasted several moments and probably covered 60 to 90 feet.

>> reporter: 12-year-old mckenna was in a room a few floors away.

>> we heard code blue active shooter over the speakers.

>> reporter: her father barricaded the hospital room door.

>> we pushed the bed over to the door and we grabbed the chair and we pushed the chair right in front of the bed and then grabbed the table and moved the table right here in this area.

>> reporter: he sent her to the bathroom to hide.

>> the scariest thought i had when i was in the bathroom was that someone is in here and they have a deadly weapon and there is a chance that he could possibly come up here and harm one of us.

>> reporter: this morning hendrix is in milwaukee county jail having been transferred from the hospital where he had been treated, natalie.

>> so frightening there. john yang , thank you.