TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

Toronto mayor being attacked by his own staff

More criticism is being directed at Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, who admitted to smoking crack and faces further allegations of abusing other drugs and issuing violent threats, and this time even his own inner circle is speaking out against him. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>> to the growing political storm surrounding toronto 's mayor already under fire for his use of crack cocaine . he's being hammered for a controversial comment that aired on live tv . stephanie gosk is in toronto . stephanie , good morning.

>> good morning, willie. well, the mayor likes to say he's his own worst enemy and daily it seems he sets out to prove it.

>> reporter: the mayor is facing a list of new accusations made by members of his own staff during interviews with police. snorting cocaine, drinking on the job, soliciting prostitutes. he also allegedly made a vulgar suggestion about oral sex to a female aid.

>> i never said that in my life to her.

>> reporter: his denial was equally vulgar. not appropriate for a press conference and definitely not for morning tv. but this moment like all of his public appearances these days was broadcast live across canada .

>> i don't think we can broadcast that on tv but we just broadcast that on tv.

>> reporter: the city of toronto is in a never ending state of shock .

>> once again i'm having to explain to my children the language that the mayor used and last week it was explaining crack cocaine to my 9-year-old.

>> reporter: in the afternoon he delivered yet another apology.

>> i want to apologize for hi graphic remarks this morning. these allegations are 100% lies.

>> reporter: the mayor just can't stop talking and nearly every time he opens his mouth, another bomb drops.

>> i might have had some drinks and driven which is absolutely wrong.

>> reporter: toronto officials are worried about the city's imagine. this latest promotion from spirit airlines doesn't help. but it was ford's wife who summed up what most people in this city was probably thinking.

>> i think my husband said already enough.

>> reporter: maybe the mayor will listen to his wife and stop talking. the city council can't legally remove him but the governor said she would step in and get involved if it gets worse. he does have other career prospects. a canadian television network offered him and his brother a weekly talk show .

>> this gets stranger by the day. stephanie gosk in toronto for us.

>> of course there would be a reality tv show offer already.

>> i watch these stories like this and also like this. it's crazy.

>> it's hard to be shocked anymore but when i heard what he said on live television , whoa. and the reporter, she turned on live television and looked at her camera with her mouth wide open not quite knowing what to say after what she just heard.

>> i don't think anybody know what is to say at this point.

>> the people of toronto are setting their watches for a daily apology press conference.