TODAY   |  November 15, 2013

Amazing Jean Claude Van Damme split goes viral

Is it real or is it fake? Tamron Hall raises the question in the Orange Room after an ad for Volvo that shows Jean Claude Van Damme performing what looks like an incredible stunt has gone viral online.

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>> head over to tamron . she has the story of the split heard around the world. i wonder what fabric those pants were.

>> we need them. i need that kind of stretch in my pants. it is amazing guys. this video, since wednesday, over 6 million hits. it's jean-claude van damme . it's to promote volvo trucks and the suspension that's supposed to be the best ever. i think it's true. let's look at the video.

>> a pair of legs to defy the laws of physics and master the most epic of space.

>> so, guys, the question is -- look at this, this is incredible. so we're asking people, do you think it's real or is it fake? and i'm inclined to believe that it's real because i --

>> oh.

>> right, see.

>> tamron -- that's a start.

>> now i got to get down in these five inch heels. my legs are shaking. meanwhile, it's a party in the orange room . we have about 100 followers on our twitter page and i want to give a shout out to all of our viewers who all night long sent the most adorable pictures of their pup pass. so go to today on our twitter feed and follow us so that we can officially have the puppy party because the puppies can't enter the orange room until we hit 2 million.

>> until you put the newspaper down.

>> i'm going back to my suspension.

>> okay tamron , thank you.

>> way to give it all for your job.

>> i do it every day.

>> students of the van damme catalog will know he also did a jump split in time cop in the kitchen.

>> yeah.

>> it's kind of his move.