TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Celebrate the holidays with Italian meatball salad

Give Thanksgiving an Italian twist with restaurateur Steve Martorano’s signature macaroni and meatball salad, which uses gravy instead of marinara sauce.

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>>> it's time for today's kitchen and a little something for your thanksgiving table. meatballs and gravy.

>> a lot of families like to celebrate with a meal that reminds them of their heritage.

>> like pete. it's the owner of a cafe in fort lauderdale . he'll show us thanksgiving italian style.

>> welcome. i'm very honored to be next to you two beautiful ladies.

>> thank you.

>> have some meatballs.

>> i want to make an italian thanksgiving. the italian americans that i know, we didn't have turkey until late, late, late at night , 11:00 .

>> okay.

>> how we had it, we had our soup, then our macaroni, meat, salad. the time for turkey, you were too full.

>> all right. what's in your meat mixture?

>> careful.

>> veal, beef and pork. you have to have three kinds of meat.

>> why?

>> it gives it flavor. the pork gives it flavor.

>> all right.

>> mix all that up.

>> you have two eggs in there.

>> two eggs, ground meat . this is stale bread . take a little bit. i want you to moisten that up together for me please.

>> get it.

>> what i want you to do, take some cheese, put it inside.

>> yeah, baby?

>> the whole thing?

>> fresh cloves.

>> oh, no.

>> no, no, no.

>> you threw in the meatballs.

>> you're in trouble. you're in trouble.

>> just watch. just watch. you get this. go like this. squeeze all the water out. come on. come on. we've got to go. let's go! let's go!

>> she likes getting yelled at.

>> the bread crumbs .

>> are you sure?

>> you have that.

>> what do you want us to do?

>> i've got it out.

>> this or no? no or yes?

>> yes.

>> the whole thing?

>> no, a little bit. parsley.

>> do you cook at home?

>> a little. i make one thing.

>> little bit of salt.

>> you know that that doesn't have an s, right? had to get that in.

>> come on.

>> wait, wait, wait. granulated --

>> we have a minute.

>> mix it up. mix it up.

>> take this.

>> take that.

>> take that.

>> no, roll it. roll it.

>> roll it!

>> go like this.

>> do i put it in?

>> you put it in here. fry it.

>> in the hot grease?

>> yes, fried meatballs .

>> got to have them.

>> listen, i made yous a nice salad.

>> south philly salad.

>> come around the back and show us all your dishes.

>> come on.

>> are you ready?

>> oh, that salad is delicious.

>> fantastic.

>> soups. you have your macaroni. rigatoni.

>> sausages.

>> you made the sauce for it.

>> thank you, sweetheart. thank you, thank you.

>> thank you.

>> all righty.