TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Getting your feet wet on Twitter, Facebook

Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Tech visits TODAY to help viewers get connected on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

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>> as the explosion of social media sites, newest it scared you away from text, we will show you the five things you need to know online.

>> it's time to sendure first tweet . the publisher of cool mom tect tech. liz, good to see you.

>> thank you for having me.

>> we have hannah and gail , excitedly sending their tweets and hashtags, what do people need to know ?

>> five simple things , a hashtag, that pound sign on the phone we wondered what it's for, that's what it's more, few go on twitter, for example, i'll send a tweet that says i am with oops.

>> you have the auto correct.

>> it can be good or bad. i can say i am with al and will.

>> and somebody who is on twitter, you'd put@in front of tear name.

>> i'd say, you look foggy, or add a hashtag that says, for example, no shave today.

>> and what does that do?

>> that does, it creates a winkable, clickable word so that then you can click on it and sort by top ec. it's an easy way to find things that everybody else is talking about.

>> everybody that put in ohno shave today are in that group.

>> exactly. i hit return. i send out the tweet . when it goes out, can i click, for example, like here's something where i can click my first tweet . i can see all the other people who are writing about my tweet .

>> for those who haven't done this, you can download the app.

>> i would say, first, get twitter, number one, know what a hashtag is, number two, basic acronyms and abriefiations you put an "@"sign before someone's name, it makes it clickable. newest you see an rt before something, that means retweet. fiwant to retweet something you said i thought was brilliant i will say rt, which means i'm retweeting you, or mt, a modified tweet , sometimes you need to shorten it to fit in.

>> let head over in the orange room , matt has two first time tweeters.

>> i have gail and hannah , gail from south dakota , hannah from texas, laid, have you put thought into first of all not your screen name , also what you want to send out as a tweet ? you have, tell me what you will tweet out.

>> i will tweel out how excited i am, learn about new technology and happening being in new york.

>> did you start typing it already?

>> not yet.

>> get going on that.

>> what about you?

>> i think i will tweet best bert day ever, the "today" show.

>> the 30-year-old twitter version.

>> a lot of people will be.

>> i need to get on the band wagon .

>> you work on your tweets. we will send it back to al? what's the best way to get followers and create a community for yourself?

>> the first thing is find people you want to follow. twitter has a recommended list. as soon as you log on, they will tell you who they recommend. on the right side of the feed, you will see other people. i have tina ross eisen burg, a great design blog swiss miss , i follow it.

>> we will be back in a moment. this is "today." . .

>> what is happening?

>> i don't know.

>> we don't know.

>> it's not a friday.

>> what happened?

>> jerry.

>> it's thirsty thursday, right?

>> does this have to do with the shortage? did they drink through the pile?

>> it's coming.