TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

These stories of weight loss will inspire you

Learn some tips by watching the inspiring stories of people who have lost weight by changing their diets and daily lifestyle, including cutting carbs from their favorite meals.

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>> losing weight can be a life long battle. there are no diet gimmicks that work.

>> today, joy bowers is here to share the secrets of how three amazing people dropped each 100 pound or more to help you lose weight . good morning.

>> good morning.

>> they have these great stories. wait until you see the aftershock. unbelievable.

>> let's start with kill berly. what was her light bulb moment?

>> she's so cute. in this picture. she is 235 pounds, 32-years-old from fort wane, indiana. her sort of aha moment was when her mom tragically died. her mom was 600 pounds, she died from obesity complications. that's when kim decided, you know what, i am not repeating my family history . she dropped 116 pounds, before i show you her after. let me talk about her tip. it's so clever.

>> okay.

>> she uses social media for account abilitiability. she found a twitter pal. they tweet and work out together. what i love about this, you can do it via e-mail, text, facebook. you don't feed a physical exercise partner to be accountable.

>> having a buddy.

>> exactly.

>> report back. so you want to be held accountable.

>> it's hard to hit the fuse button when you know.

>> getting her exercise, getting poet rate issed.

>> this is her before, remember 214 pounds, here she is 116 pound lighter.

>> oh my gosh, completely different.

>> of course, her dog built in exercise as well.

>> we should see her and her twitter pal together. introduce them.

>> unite them on "the today" show.

>> we got mark. he topped the scales at 358 pounds. what was his aha moment?

>> mark is 45-years-old from lexington, kentucky, his aha moment was a few years ago. they had a family vacation planned. he was so excited when they hit dollywood to go on all the roller coasters with his daughter. he climbed onto the first roller coaster . he could not get the bar over hess billy. he was so disappointed as was his daughter. so he reached out to a friend bo had been there, done it, her name is anita mills, the reason i'm telling you this, she is a joy fit club member. she lost over 190 pound, it was her inspiration and his determination that allowed him to loesz 235 pound, a clever tip. this is his tip. what he does is he always has an upcoming fitness event right on the calendar, so it keeps you goal oriented on a straight and pharaoh with diet an exercise, he started with a 5k, he graduated to a 10k, a half marathon , in august, will you see his after shot, he conquered an ironman.

>> take a look. that's amazing.

>> take a look at him.

>> he's at 135 pound swimmer. for anybody that doesn't tow what an aronman is, you know, 140 miles between biking, swimming, running.

>> hits the core.

>> melanie, she started at 245 pound, we're running out of time .

>> her tip was to creatively cut back on starchy carbs. she dropped 100 pounds, instead of a bun, she used a port bella mushroom.

>> turkey wrap with veggies.

>> chicken sal sad, she wraps them in lettuce. down 100 pound and she's a fits in trainer now in new jersey inspiring everybody.

>> she looks fantastic. joy bower, great segment. thank you so