TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Double takes: Artist makes parent-child face mashups

The anchors review the work of an artist who uses photo-editing software make composite portraits of parents and their children, and view the results when TODAY graphic wizards make similar mashups of their own photos.

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>> good morning from los angeles .angeles. angeles.

>> welcome back to "today" it's thursday, november 14th , 2013 , a beautiful day . i'm here with al roker and natalie morales . an interesting photographer doing great work up in canada. he merges portraits for family members separated for d.c. canadian. he has created images showing resemblance calling them genetic portraits. this is a photographer and his son when he was 7.

>> the photographer on the right, son on the left.

>> the photographer's fourteen 13-year-old daughter paired with his 62-year-old mother.

>> amazing.

>> it looks like they've aged.

>> that's when you see the genetic traits , right?

>> so we had our graphic wizards upstairs.

>> our producers did. it could be dangerous.

>> we don't know what we are about to see.

>> me and george, that doesn't work.

>> you look a little different.

>> oh, me and my mom.

>> that looks like a mirror image type thing.

>> let's go to al with his mother.

>> oh, yes, oh my gosh.

>> wow, i never thought i looked like my mom. i guess i do.

>> people always say, you tell me i look like my mom until the other day i was looking at a picture with a lady in the background, thatting loose like my mom. that's me in the background.

>> that's the crazy thing, your mom is so beautiful. you know what you will look