TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Al Roker wins walking contest with 17,926 steps

Al Roker, Willie Geist and Natalie Morales competed in a challenge to see who could walk the most steps over 24 hours. On Thursday the winner was revealed: Al, with 17,926 steps. He attributed his success to his treadmill desk.

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be being after your local news. . .

>> from nbc news, this is "today" take live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> welcome to "today" november 14th , 2013 , i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales . natalie challenged us yesterday.

>> with 12,000 steps.

>> she said we should have 12,000 steps.

>> so how did we do? we checked in at 2:00 p.m .

>> it wasn't pretty for me.

>> at 2:00 p.m . i was at almost 10,000 steps. al, you were another.

>> 8,800.

>> i had 1,500, immediately after work, i went to my office, i sat there, read a magazine piece at 3:00 in the afternoon. that's at 2:00. 3:00, i'm leaving the office, i will walk to the subway. one more stop. i kept walking. i walked all the way home, went 60 blocks, something like that.

>> that's 3 miles, right?

>> yeah. last, so you would set the goal for us at 12,000. i was just under 12 as we were walking out of dinner with the kid, i put them in a cab said i'm walking home.

>> good, see.

>> so let's see the big reveal. i didn't win, i suspect.

>> no, the 4th quarter player as you said. you came in strong.

>> 12,811 for me.

>> very good.

>> 2nd place, natalie morales , which means only one thing, al rockier is our champion, 17,926.

>> you have a step? i have a treadmill desk. so.

>> there you go.

>> so i was at my office for a couple of hours and i walked 4 miles .

>> see, people, more reason why you should stand up at your desk, right?

>> yes.

>> it's amazing.

>> because i biotic a lot. but it doesn't really register that much on the jawbone or the nike.

>> i have to walk off that piece of martha stewart 's cake. i will have to up mine to 20,000 steps for today.

>> it does motivate you.

>> it does.

>> you have a goal, you get competitive with yourself. i will keep walking.

>> i will keep checking. this one you can see it. yours i think is on the phone. but right now, as of 4:00 a.m . this morning, i have 1,032 steps. it's something i always look at and challenge myself.

>> it comes back with the expert we had on yesterday, motivation. don't listen to yourself. talk to yourself. i realized, yesterday i didn't foley like going to work out. i heard myself talk, come on, can you do this, let's go, as opposed to listening why i shouldn't do it.

>> visualization, newest you have a goal and meet your goal physically.

>> you start playing games in your own mine.

>> it works, it all works.

>> we haven't talked about the sleep part of it.

>> i didn't get into it that's the advanced class.

>> it looks cool, too.

>> it buzzes at 10,000, yesterday i got a big buzz.

>> you can set a silent alarm , like wake up, it buds.

>> really in.

>> fnice. technical.

>> we have a segment later on, we will take people off the plaza, introduce them to twitter, they say, it's not my thing. we will show them. we will get some tweets, hannah and gail, they will be our guinea pigs , learning how to tweet. using the hashtag my first tweet.

>> hannah, gail, have you thought about what you want to say?

>> happy birthday to me.

>> oh, happy birthday .

>> what your first twitter? what itself the first tweet you want to put out?

>> happy birthday from new york.

>> there we go.

>> it's 40 characters, so you can expand.

>> something deep and provocative and thought provoking.

>> a lot of pressure, late, we will check back with them a little later in the show and introduce people, because it can be, we all use twitter, we use facebook an all that, newest are you not in the game, it can be daunting.

>> yoerpt i don't remember what i first twe i first tweeted.

>> here's our next, our new favorite. rob ford .

>> the exist that keeps on giving, right?

>> rob ford the mayor of toronto, he has been under pressure since video showed him smoking crack . he later admitted he had, in fact, smoked crack.

>> he admitted his idol was parrion bpa marion barry .

>> he tweeted, yes, i smoked crack.

>> they are trying to remove him ahead of a symbolic move yesterday.

>> they can't really remove him.

>> his brother, councilman doug ford weed weighed in on the debate.

>> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years?

>> yes, i have.

>> have you ever smoked marijuana?

>> order.

>> i really messed up.

>> ma man of few words.

>> the sec part of his brother said have you ever smoked marijuana? how about all of you raise your hand, like i'm not alone up here.

>> my goodness, toronto is such a beautiful city.

>> it's incredible.

>> he said, i'm not going anywhere. not only am i going to stay for the next term, i will be reelected to another term. how do you like that? he was asked about where he was kicked out of the maple leafs game at the air canada center for being overserved.

>> sir, i have admitted to my mistakes. i said it will never happen again and it has never happened again at the air canada center .

>> not there.

>> he called all this a public flogging an insists he is not an addict and he is not going anywhere.

>> there is at least a little improvement, the tie. the tie has gotten better. at least we're not in the '90s, early '90s. i don't know.

>> it's a hockey tie, isn't it?

>> the '90 nfl tie.

>> i think you were gone, willie used to have those sheets, apparently.

>> and the comforter.

>> he got your sheets.

>> he did a little dyi out of a comforter.

>> i really messed up.

>> yes.

>> he really did.

>> that's going to be a great ring toevenlt tone.

>> i'll download that right now.

>> that's a major city. it's incredible what's happening up there.

>> this is an amazing story, snapchat, a social media story run by a couple 20 something's reportedly walked away from a $3 billion acquisition offer from facebook . the wall street journal reports snapchat evan siegel 23 said his company will hold out for an 66 until next year. snapchat is a messaging app that allows people to send messages erased after 60 seconds .

>> implodes.

>> gone.

>> they started it newest 2011 , his buddy is 25 years old t. company currently makes no money.

>> they were offered $3 billion. even though your company makes no money?

>> a lot of these companies don't make money. that's the thing, how do you value these things?

>> because somebody offered you $3 billion.

>> it's incredible. i don't even know how to use it. i've never done it. have you done it?

>> no.

>> it's too dangerous.

>> no good can come of this. newest only mayor ford had had snapchat.

>> and then some.

>> but $3 billion,er that betting actually that they'll get more down the road, i guess. some people are saying this company could go away. or facebook or whatever wants to buy them comes up with their own version.