TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Martha Stewart cooks up a margarita cheesecake

Make your day a cake day with Martha Stewart as she prepares a couple of recipes from her new book on TODAY, including a red velvet cake and a margarita cheesecake.

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>> this morning on "today" classic cakes.

>> martha stewart has it all, her new go to guide is martha stewart 's cakes. nice to see you. we are already in process.

>> we are.

>> everybody has picked a great cake. i have gone with red velvet.

>> why?

>> i love the frosting, the cake, everything.

>> it's a moist cake. the reason it's so moist is it is canola oil with sugar. that's the first step. you start boating that. you can do all of this. okay. you can add your eggs.

>> right in there now?

>> yes. and your food coloring . a tablespoon of red food coloring. it's a lot of food coloring . it's the safe food coloring . a natural.

>> vanilla extract.

>> we have buttermilk. you will youed that alternately with cocoa powder , salt and cake flour.

>> let's put all this together another hunt, once you line your cake pan with partch. use cocoa, it keeps it.

>> we will continue here. you have a lot to do.

>> don't forget the vinegar and baking soda, which gives that lightness in cake after you add this with the butter milk.

>> a cheesecake. it's delicious.

>> you like margaritas, i do, too, cheesecake is one of the most popular things. so we have a nut and oh a pretzel crust. make sure it's always cold, spring form pans have these classps, but always then wrap with foil.

>> oh, why?

>> you will cook this in a water bath . newest your pan leaked, you won have a cake. so make sure before you put that in the water bath in the oven, you coat it with the foil.

>> got it go so you have the same kind of mixer here going and owe.

>> should i put theics in.

>> put the sour cream , sugar, salt and your scraper. slowly let that incorporate all of it. you put tequila and grand mannier or triple sec . lots of lime. that's the flavor of the beautiful margarita.

>> while i continue this, we go visit al. i will cope it going.

>> look, it releases so nicely. see how great the crust is.

>> delicious.

>> salty crust, salty limey crust and a cheesecake that doesn't crack newest you put it in the hot water .

>> i love it.

>> i love the ice box .

>> this is simple. it's layering. layering, layering. so the first thing you do is put a layer of graham crackers in the bottom of your prepared pan. you have to break them up. you have to fit them in.

>> in a puzzle?

>> yeah. you are good at that. okay. then a layer of chocolate. then a layer of graham. okay.

>> a banana.

>> and then top it off with the chocolate panache. serve it with a dollup of whipped cream .

>> my favorite, strawberry fchiffon take i cake.

>> that's a who pan. this is the way you cool it. take the whole thing.

>> okay. that's not coming off there. i think.

>> now you have to looseen the cake with a knife.

>> right.

>> i guess we can use this knife.

>> on the edge.

>> although i don't want to use that one.

>> that won't work.

>> okay.

>> we have to looseen it all the way around. you get the cake out of the man. it looks like this.

>> i leak the toothpick trick.

>> you want to try snit.

>> move it all around.

>> a specialer is rated knife.

>> i promise.

>> we don't care about that.

>> yes, we do.

>> martha stewart cakes the recipes are out. we will be being after your local news.