TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Ailing child gets his wish: To be Batman for a day

Charles Keller of Phoenix, Ariz., is such a huge fan of the 1960s Batman TV show that he has his own Batmobile and replica Batcave. He turned his hobby into an opportunity to help 4-year-old Ezra Spector fulfill his wish to be a superhero for a day.

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>> great story. when charles was a kid, he was a huge batman fan of the tv show . now he has turned that fondness and the famous batman mobile for kids to feel like superheros. yeah, let's give it up.

>> he started with a venture not realizing he is on one. this 4-year-old has become a replica for the 1960s cult classic .

>> hol ibatman.

>> there is a signature batmobile, owned by a phoenix man with an obsession with the television show of his youth.

>> i didn't want to be the guy who owned a batmobile and i have one and you don't.

>> at first, keller offered rides in the batmobile for terminally ill children, then took it further, sinking his own money into a bat cave . hundreds have visited. but ezra is the first who told make a wish he wanted to be batman for a day.

>> joker sighted, reported in proximity of bat cave .

>> oh.

>> it's a child's fantasy come to life. he and his dad must step in as batman and robin .

>> that's me, batman.

>> batman, are you ready for your mission?

>> yes.

>> we'll get them all. look at them all, holy smokes . oh, oh, oh.

>> reporter: when the batmobile reaches the stage, he needs to save a girl scout troop from the joker. it's now more than one man's mix. who has come to cheer him on? in a classic dual of good versus evil. chances are, he has never seen one episode of the cult classic . it doesn't matter, for a little boy fighting for his life, today he gets the chance for the fight for someone else.

>> i just wanted to help.

>> reporter: for his parents, watch his son wage his own battle, this is a gift.

>> i know the amazing effort is it happened to my son. i feel really blessed.

>> reporter: for a life prank, his generosity plays for something money can't buy. i saw you watching ezra .

>> deaf, you bet.

>> reporter: there is joy on your face.

>> i learned things early, i can't cure cancer or build a hospital. one thing i can do is create a memory.

>> it's likely to be a long term one. ezra is in remission. he mit fill batman's shoes again, in a time when we could all news another hero.

>> thank you, gotham city .

>> for "today," nbc news, gotham