TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Learn how to check for testicular cancer

Dr. OZ stops by TODAY and teaches Matt Lauer as well as viewers how simple self-examination can be the best weapon against testicular cancer.

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>> we are back now 8:39 with our no shave november campaign drawing attention, an awareness to men's health. testicular cancer among men age 15 to 35. the average age of someone diagnosed is only 33 and about 8,000 men in the u.s. will be diagnosed with it this year t. god news is, it is treatable with a survival rate over 90% newest caught early. dr. oz is here. he brought along some props.

>> you look like a rabbi like that.

>> you like it.

>> i like it.

>> let's talk about risk factors . we talked about the ages, 15 to 35, what increases the risk?

>> being a white male , having a family history, which is interesting. newest your testicals didn't distend as a child, it's a risk factor .

>> you mention it's almost always treatable newest you can find it.

>> you know, talk to people about what they need to know .

>> everyone knows what an avocado is. the interesting thing, it comes from an aztec root, testical . it's true, actually. testicals are usually lined, it gives them room not to bang into each other and they should have a gritty feel on the outside, it's very afal gus. newest i examined you live on air, i made you a model.

>> how often is this, once a year?

>> a once a month endeavor, in the shower, when they warm up, they do it at a football game in the winter, in the shower, by yourself, women, please, guys aren't going to do this no that's what matt and i say, they have to remind men to do this, gently grasp, then you begin to take your thumb and third digit or second digit and slowly work your way up.

>> what are you looking for?

>> you are looking for something, imagine the thickness of a hard boiled egg . you look at the thickness of a hard boiled egg . as you squeeze it.

>> take my testical . oh, matt.

>> oh. i'm not going to be able to read my twitter page for about six months after this.

>> i gave you the larger set of testicals .

>> i do, i do feel something.

>> it will feel leak this, as you can imagine, the testical lies outside the body in let's say the sperm mature, they cool. those lumps that you see there.

>> you feel something like that, you go to a doctor immediately?

>> you may not feel this, something that looks a little different.

>> so there are other things you could detect that don't mean you have cancer.

>> we will show you the three most common, newest you feel them, one feels different than the other. .

>> that's bag of worms. you can see it and get a closeup. that's a hydrocele. the problem is the fertility. it heats up the testicals so much. why is it outside the body? it's cool. you need to call the doctor.

>> is it a problem? all right.

>> this is a big one you need to know about. newest you lock at this, as you cough, that's the bowl can twist and form a tran lated hernia. call somebody.

>> newest we make jokes the bottom lean again is 8,000 men a year diagnosed with this. some will die, newest catch it early, it is extraordinarily treatable.

>> you are a brave man.