TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Rockefeller Center tree topper is a star performer

For the tenth time, the final piece of the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is being prepared for its moment in the spotlight. Al Roker talks with Jennifer Hinkle about the unique piece: a Swarovski Star.

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>> have bling out there, al.

>> much bigger bling here. jennifer, this is really kind of stunning, what's it made out of?

>> it hats 25,000 swarovsky crystals. led looid lighting, 720 led lights.

>> this is the tenth anniversary of the rockefeller christmas tree . how has it changed over the years?

>> the major system was the led lights a couple years, we went green. other than that, it's been the iconic star for ten years.

>> is this star going up later today ?

>> this star is going up today. people can come take a picture with it tomorrow.

>> a stunt star.

>> thank you so much. we will light thissed be boy up coming up on december 4th right here on nbc starting at 8:00. all my pals here at "the today" show. matt, sa van narcs fatty and i all lighting it up starting here at 7:00. it will be a beautiful thing. that's water going