TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

On Throwback Thursday, anchors pick top ’staches

It’s Throwback Thursday on TODAY as well as on social media, and to mark the occasion, the anchors talk about their favorite celebrity mustaches, like those adorning Tom Selleck and Richard Roundtree.

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>> you know, it's no shave november around here. we are going to take a look at our favorite 'stachs from the past. we were going to get them. my 'stach it's billy dee williams . he was in " lady sings the blues ." nobody better.

>> now mine is a popular one. i think you are probably thinking of this, you think tom selleck , of course.

>> anything anyone rocks it better than tom selleck .

>> newest it wasn't so bushy.

>> like walter brimly.

>> there he is.

>> well, natalie, since you chose those, i had to go out of the box. i was thinking newest you would guess who i chose.

>> who is that?

>> cat in the hat . yes, it's shop inny's brother spike . remember spike?

>> from arizona?

>> there he is in the desert.

>> needles, california.

>> wow, you knew. i have to go with.

>> mark spitz .