TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Courtney Reagan gets marriage proposal live on CNBC

CNBC reporter Courtney Reagan was doing an on-air segment about engagement rings when she got one of her own from her boyfriend of seven years, who surprised her by popping the question to her on-air.

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>> what, she was surprised by her boyfriend who happens to share a name with a popular jeweler.

>> what about the middle level jewelers, the ones i can jar jared , they got any deals going this year?

>> they do, they definitely have deals, jared , hi. oh my gosh. oh. oh.

>> will you marry me?

>> yes.

>> courtney and jared have been going towing seven years. congratulation today.

>> a little suspicious.

>> i tried.

>> newest that was staged, the lighting would have been much better.

>> a shadow on her face.