TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Tamron tests Time’s best inventions of the year

With some help from Al Roker in the Orange Room, Tamron Hall tests out a few of Time magazine’s best inventions of the year.

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>> the luckiest guy in the world.

>> i am lucky to be with al. we are looking at the best dishes of 2013 . al has this wireless car that if you don't operate, you can sit and watch it or use your iphone or ipad to wuch it wirelessly.

>> like the slot car of the future.

>> it's cool. you can control the speed, the direction rates.

>> how many cars can you have?

>> you run one, somebody else can run the other. also mplgs we have this three dimensional doodler. i use it so much that we have run out of doodles, but the bottom line, this is the tree i made, savannah, this is for you. this is the little rose for fatty and some hair for your beard. this we have this year, which is my favorite. i have to admit, this is a lens you can add to your iphone to increase the intensity of your pictures. isn't that cool? snap it on, snap it off.

>> doesn't that make it kind of heavy?

>> i don't know, to be honest with you. this allows, ow, a wrap around experience when you play video games . so it's like a surround sound but for your eyes. but i can't see. so, guys.

>> don't do that, last but not least here, tomorrow, puppy party in the oirg room. we are trying to get 4,000 more people to follow us, if you follow us, 4,000 of you, we're having a puppy party. now i asked if we could go big or go home. i asked for 20 puppies in the orange room for a puppy party. we're up to five. so follow us so i can win a puppy party. it's the little things in life that please me.

>> we are getting a little more like romper room every day.