TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Snapchat rejects reported billions from Facebook

The creators of the popular photo sharing app have rejected a major offer of “close to $3 billion or more” from social network giant Facebook, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

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>> carson is away for a while. tamron has some stuff to talk about.

>> hello. yeah. we'll discuss it later.

>> your share shorter.

>> al roker said i look leak clark kent . so here's the deal. since when does a billion dollars become an offer that you can refuse? that's exactly what the big buzz is over the internet world today. these young men got started nap chat. they're 23 and 25 years old. here's the kicker. the 23 yield, evan siegel , his buddy, bobby murphy , frat fraternity brothers, they started the site snapchat. you put a picture online, within minutes, seconds or 24 hours , it disappears. a lot of people put naughty pictures up. others put embarrassing pictures they don't want to live forever . these guys were offered billions from face bong and they turned it down. they say they believes anyway, they can make becomes more in the future. just by the numbers. 26 million users. 350 million messages per day and now one extra from us. we've opened a snatchchat account. orange room , go on. our pictures will be nice, not naughty, a lot of my haircut and explanations behind it. billions, someone can turn down.

>> a lot of money in pictures that self-destruct in six seconds. tamron, thank you.

>> it looks good.