Image: Queen meets Walking With The Wounded trekkers
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TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Prince Harry, wounded soldiers set out on icy trek

To benefit Walking with the Wounded, a charity to help men and women injured in military service, Prince Harry will join a group of wounded soldiers on a 200-mile expedition to the South Pole. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>> gearing up for his next challenge. a charity race to the south pole .

>> reporter: good morning, prince harry is here in the world famous trafalgar square to lawn tenant south pole allie challenge. he is here in amongst the crowd behind me . the challenge is more than 200 miles. the u.s. team even has a chance to meet the kweevenlt i haven't seen her more relaxed in years joking with them and her grandson harry.

>> have you all been here?

>> reporter: sharing a joke with the queen war heros who have already been if training for on icy trek to the south pole .

>> have you been?

>> of course not.

>> reporter: they'll be joaned by presence harry, himself, a veteran of afghanistan and previous expedition with wounded soldiers.

>> so i can basically be there.

>> reporter: he is based in north carolina . he lost his cytoiraq is now determined not to lose his humor. he hates the cold.

>> i hate it.

>> reporter: he told me in the gym he has known try pain.

>> the blast, i broke my nodes, shattered my right cheek bone, blew out my right eye.

>> you are lucky to be here.

>> i am. i am. but i'm just one story of many.

>> reporter: other members of team usa , margot from arizona, theresa french from texas. both injured and lost friends in baghdad and mark weiss from 4th enfantry division colorado, his body broken in afghanistan.

>> at first i couldn't even do that. now can i walk 15 miles in a day, 20 miles in a day.

>> doing stuff, staying active helps me, because i'm always being to be if pain.

>> now they are supporting each other. and soon they'll be pulling together, face agnew challenge.

>> good luck.

>> reporter: together. and there prince harry is live amongst the crowd, launching it event in trafalgar square . there are reports here, guys, he is meeting the family. she is said to be his girlfriend. we know he has met her before. apparently they are getting friendlier and friendlier. what about him addressing the queen as granny.

>> and drai drawing attention to