TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

City council grills Toronto mayor over drug use

Toronto mayor Rob Ford was on the defense during a meeting with the city council, where officials once again asked him about his admitted issues and pressed him to take a leave from his position, after new allegations of drug use are brought forth.

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>> we have new court documents reveal more accusations of drug use by rob ford and abusive behavior towards staffs. this in the wake of a heated face off with city council members.

>> reporter: the crack-smoking mayor of toronto got grilled by his city council and revealed for the first time he bought illegal drugs in addition to purchasing them.

>> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years?

>> reporter: it takes ford a full eight seconds to answer.

>> yes, i have.

>> there were those who rose to his defense, like his brother, councilman doug ford , accusing others on the council of taking illegal drugs .

>> have you ever smoked paurn?

>> reporter: a breach of decorum, the speaker struggled to get control.

>> reporter: the only two people in the room that wanted to fight were mayor ford and councilor ford report. the council has no authority to remove the mayor, although, a majority have asked him to take a leave. ford calls it a public sloging, insists, he isn't an addict and isn't going anywhere.

>> i am humiliated by it, but i cannot change the past.

>> the past is what they are struggling with, including this video. the mayor says he was very drunk at the time.

>> people who live in the city will be paying for the damage caused by terrible judgment, serial deception and ranted ego.

>> our cake is certainly taking the cake on embarrassment policy, for sure.

>> i think toronto has a lot more to offer if terms of attention than rob ford .

>> the council proceedings were streamed live online. one viewer called it the best reality tv ever.

>> today the whole world is watching. what will they see?

>> what they saw at times was ugly drama.

>> i really messed up.

>> entertaining to watch, perhaps, as long as it's not your city. for "today," stephanie gaas. nbc, new york.

>> are you out of a political scandal in a big way.

>> it's reality tv . you get the feeling it could end badly.