TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Typhoon victims fighting for survival

The chaos in the Philippines after a devastating typhoon has intensified, with a rise in looting as medical officials scramble to treat the sick and starving.

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>> breaking news out of the philipines, u.s. helped arrived overnight. the u.s. george walk carrier to assist with recovery. here's nbc's harry smith . from the air, you can see the vast scope of the damage, flattened buildings, still impassable roads. for mile after mile, if a village or town was on or close to the water, the storm took its toll. this is increasingly people in tacloban scrambled to get on a c-130. the injured are helped on board. women with babies, some more able-bodied people have been turned away. people waiting almost a week for help. more amateur video continues to emerge from the storm.

>> like the steam and earthquake at the same time. i thought we were really not going to make it.

>> reporter: perhaps the most powerful storm ever to hit land. u.s. manners have been on the ground carrying out assessments of the colossal scale of the damage and the calls for help have reached other americans. in burbank, we caught up with a volunteer aid group waiting to board a flight to manila. dr. choi is a neurosurgeon who volunteered.

>> i really think as physician, it's more a duty and obligation to give back.

>> reporter: and in the midst of the anguish here, there is also joy. a baby girl born in a church now serving as a shelter.

>> that was nbc's harry smith reporting. if you want to lend a hand to those in need. we have posted resources on our website,