TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Chuck Todd: Obamacare numbers taking a toll

NBC political director Chuck Todd discusses the numbers reported for Obamacare enrollment and weighs their political fallout for the administration.

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>> chuck todd , chief nbc correspondent and political director. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, sir.

>> politicians will tell you they don't care about approval ratings. chuck, you can almost hear the ads that the gop is cooking up for the mid-term elections. this is the democratic party that brought you obama care. how is that working for you? what's the fallout going to be?

>> right now you have democrats and capitol hill in a full panic. they have been nervous about this rollout, upset about the website. now it's a full out panic. even before they rolled out the official enrollment football, a whole bunch of them have been venting. going to the white house , saying, enough, you want to fix it. we want to fix it. we want to vote on something. yes, you guys have done this. enough already, let us do this. so as much as the white house is trying to avoid getting congress involved, for instance, dealing with fulfilling this promise. if you like your place, you can keep it.

>> senate democrats say they want to pri that to a vote, a plan that might help people to keep their existing plan t. president says he's working on a fix. chuck, can you tinker with a part of the program and not impact the viability of the entire program numbers-wise?

>> i talked to one of the architects of this plan, mark griesh. he put together the massachusetts version and the national version. he essentially arc you, no, if you start messing around with this and trying to grandfather in some of these folks, you undermine the whole premise of the law t. whole way insurance companies can make it affordable for something with a pre-existing condition is if they are forcing these younger and healthier people essentially to pay a little more. that's way. this goes to the problem the president brought about himself, when they didn't make this clear, there are always winners and losers in any piece of legislation. there is a small football of losers in here if you want to count losing as in having to pay more for your health insurance . healthy people will pay more. that was the only way you could make the law work if you wanted to bring down the costs for safety.

>> reporter: chuck todd in washington. thanks