TODAY   |  November 14, 2013

Secret Service agents accused of sexual misconduct

One year after a dozen Secret Service agents were removed from their positions after a prostitution scandal, two senior supervisors for the agency face allegations of sending sexually oriented text messages to a female colleague. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> two high ranking secret service supervisors under investigation for allegedly sending section sexually suggestive texts to a female co-worker. kristen, what can you tell us from washington ?

>> reporter: matt, i can tell you the whole thing happened here at this hotel, this is a popular place across the white house . according to a source familiar with the incident, this happened last may when a supervisors with the secret service did not give a woman here. he was off document he went up to her room. by misstavenlth he apparently left a bullet from his gun if her room. now, she left the hotel. once he realized his mistake, came back. asked if he could retrieve his bullet.

>> that is when a source familiar with the incident the hotel contact at the white house .

>> that sparked an investigation.

>> that found that he had sent inappropriate text messages to a fellow female subordinate. the washington poftd is purporting a second person was sending texts to that female. both have been removed from her to current positions. the big problem, this comes after a year after more than a dozen acts were punished when some of them solicited prostitutes in columbia days before the president would arrive for a diplomatic ship. matt, i can tell you, we tried to contact the latest agent involved in this incident. we have not heard back from them.

>> thanks very much. in washington ,