TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

Matt Lauer: I had unpleasant surprise in airplane restroom

TODAY’s Matt Lauer was on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Tuesday night, where he shared a hilarious story about his dilemma when he entered an airplane restroom to find the toilet seat in less than sanitary condition.

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>>> and as i go to turn around to go to the bathroom to urinate, i look and there's no turbulence by the way, this guy has urinated all over the seat of the toilet. he didn't put the seat up. he left the seat down. i'm not talking one drip. i don't know whether he got the hiccups or it's like, you know in the cartoons where you lose control of the fire hose .

>> yeah.

>> but it's everywhere so now the problem is what do i do?

>> right.

>> i didn't have to go that bad.

>> you can't leave.

>> i can't leave because now they're going to go matt lauer peed all over the seat.

>> exactly.

>> my first thought was splash water all over your shirt and run out and say the sink is possessed. the air marshall doesn't like that. or you can clean it up. what would you have done?

>> clean it up.

>> yeah, you have to clean it up. it's disgusting. but i'm a germaphobe so i did it.