TODAY   |  November 13, 2013

How to make the perfect sunny-side-up egg

Author and cook Ingrid Hoffmann reveals five things you need to know how to do in the kitchen, including cooking up a great sunny-side-up egg and measuring out the perfect amount of pasta to cook.

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>> does this happen to you? you grab a handful of pasta thinking it's the perfect serving and you end up with a pot full of left overs?

>> we'll help you become a pro in the kitchen. the five things you need to know from the author of latin delight. delicious latin recipes with a healthy twist. good to see you.

>> good morning, al and, no, bacon is not included.

>> oh.

>> you're going to show us how to make the perfect sunny side up egg, right?

>> make sure you start at your heat medium to high. perfectly preheated. you do your egg first in a little cup so that you make sure you don't break your yolk.

>> right.

>> you put it in --

>> does it have to be a nonstick pan?

>> yes. i like using corn oil because it doesn't change my flavor. i lowered my heat to medium, low, cover it. that way it cooks evenly from the heat retention from the lid. we're going to leave it but this is how it's going to look.

>> how long does it take?

>> it would be about three minutes.

>> three minute egg. perfect.

>> i am always one of these people that grab the whole box and boom.

>> pour it all in there, right?

>> i always use this rule of thumb . you grab a fist full like a quarter.

>> yes.

>> and that's like a portion, right so in it goes. salt, now people think that you do salt for -- so that it cooks more and faster, that's not true. it only 2 degrees so it doesn't make a difference but you want to do that for flavor. the big no no, no oil.

>> really? why?

>> because it creates a bayer for later the sauce to flavor it. so what you do want to do al, you can help us is the first three minute of the pasta, you stir it. that's when the pasta releases it's starch and tends to glue together. only the first minute you stir.

>> in the pot.

>> she swears by this thing.

>> i know. she does. but okay so apparently it's got for one portion and for two but this is a portion if you're on a mega diet if you ask me. this is for you al.

>> one person.

>> so go with the two.

>> tammie whatever works for you. and this is the two portion.

>> for little kids that might be a person.

>> yeah.

>> so how about --

>> half a cup or 2-thirds of a cup.

>> marinade. this is basic. half acidity and half oil. you can do lemon or orange, vinegar if you want. oil, we do some, smash three garlics and now here you get to play whatever fresh herb you have at home is fine. we have rosemary. let's put it in with thyme and fresh o reguregano. just go to your spice cabinet.

>> how long do you leave it in? it's already starting to cook a little bit here.

>> actually steak, easily two to four hours you can do. if you're going to do fish, only 15 minutes because you will cook like that --

>> there you go.

>> shrimp is hard to get it just right.

>> remember the abc's natalie.

>> okay.

>> we put it to cook. once it shrinks to an o it's overcooked. c is cooked. this is perfectly cooked and --

>> too much.

>> overcooked.

>> okay.

>> salad dressing.

>> salad dressing we start with half a cup of oil and then you do four tablespoons -- you always want to do a little bit less of the acidity than you do for the oil.

>> apple cider vinegar which is neutral, a little bit of mustard, a little bit of salt.

>> herbs.

>> shake it up and guess what, al? i use a sippy cup , a baby sippy cup because it's even distribution that way you don't douse your salad.

>> kathie lee and hoda use